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In 2018, we are involved in 12 Europeans projects as a partner.



European public entities are responsible of the provision of critical services like healthcare, education, justice, etc. In order to improve the delivery of their services to citizens over time they need to incorporate innovation. This innovation is often developed and produced by the private sector, for example in the form of technology.

A standard model of incorporating innovation is through technology-push: private suppliers develop their innovative solutions, with limited contact and exchange with the public entities, and then try to commercialize them. This limited contact often leads to solutions that are not completely tailored or addressing a profitable need, as there is no real engagement in collaborative relations with the public administration. This sub-optimal interaction and knowledge of the customer needs and culture, leave start-ups and Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) with un-marketable products, discouraging them to fully engage with an important market (Public Procurement in Europe is estimated at €2 trillion, close to 20% of EU GDP ).



A distinctive problem for NWE is the high occurrence of osteoporosis, leading to the highest rates of bone fractures of all EU regions. The number of hip replacements per 100k population is 214 in the NWE region versus the EU28 average of 153 (OECD 2016). The economic and societal burden of bone fractures is enormous and could be reduced by the implementation of affordable, curative healthcare solutions that ensure a faster recovery with lower health care costs. The emerging field of regenerative medicine offers potential solutions: smart implants, such as 3D scaffolds created through an innovative technology called electrospinning (ESP) hold the promise to support the regeneration of skeletal bone and replace the need for tissue donors, repeat operations or ongoing medication. However only local ESP technology R&D driven initiatives currently exist in NWE. The objective of BONE is therefore to accelerate the valorisation of cost-effective 3D smart implants fabricated by electrospinning technology (reaching TRL8) by collaboration between 4 research institutes, 4 business support organisations and 5 industry organisations. As such, BONE enables new jobs (15) to be created, two new products to be developed and tested in real life conditions (ESP technology and 3D smart implants) and intensive collaboration between Innovation leaders (Westphalia, London, Paris) strong innovators (Vlaams-Brabant, Southern-Limburg, Ireland) and moderate innovators (Nord-pas-de-Calais) in order to increase the regions’ innovation capacity in the area of regenerative medicine based on ESP technology.


The Interreg project Codex4SMEs (Companion diagnostics expedited for small and medium-sized businesses) project plans to improve healthcare by enhanced adoption of Personalized Medicine in North-West Europe. The objective is to establish a network, which supports SMEs along the value chain of Companion diagnostics (Cdx) development.

Companion diagnostics (Cdx) are an indispensable tool for optimum application of Personalized Medicine: they allow tests to determine the molecular causes of a disease before treatment has started. However, thus far the development of companion diagnostics has been highly time-consuming and costly, so at present it is only used in the context of very few treatments.

Codex4SMEs will establish a transnational network of nine partners and two sub-partners from seven countries and expedite the development of the SMEs’ products in the field of Cdx. There is a need to improve SMEs‘ innovative capabilities and raise both international competitiveness and the impact of North-West Europe SMEs in this global market as the USA are far ahead – Codex4SMEs will directly address this challenge.

Codex4SMEs : A short videos


European Health Catapult – Business Plan Competition

The European Health Catapult Business Plan Competition sources and accelerates 21 European start-ups in biotech, medtech and digital health. The start-ups get high-quality training in business plan modelling, deal negotiation and pitch training, as well as a facilitated access to top level investors. The competition passes through three stages: regional selection; training days and finalist’s selection; and the finals during the EIT Health Summit.

EIT Health Product/Market Fit

The Product/Market Fit programme is intended to support European digital health and medtech start-ups that are ready to launch their solutions in European countries outside of their home market.

Is internationalisation the next step for your Digital Health or Medtech startup? Are you planning to launch your product in Sweden, Estonia, Spain, France, UK, Germany or the Benelux countries? Join the EIT Health Accelerator and work with our local partners to find your product/market fit and take advantage of our Go-to-Market and Market Validation services.


The EIT Digital Master School is a two-year master’s programme with eight technical Majors and a Minor in Innovation & Entrepreneurship.


Go Global Israel-Canada will provide top European SMEs a unique gateway to two internationally recognised hubs of innovation, with the involvement of strong local partners.

Canada can be an excellent alternative to the US for those interested in the North American market. Gain access to the complementary ecosystems of Toronto and Montreal and take advantage of a unique agreement with Europe to fund innovative collaborations as well as a new trade agreement.

Israel has one of the most condensed ecosystems in life sciences and digital health and is the number one country in R&D spending and capital investment per inhabitant. EU SMEs can discover opportunities to access key opinion leaders, set up clinical trials and meet private funders.

BioEB2018: EIT Health BioEntrepreneur Bootcamp 2018

Are you a biomedical founding team located in Europe? Do you want to develop and validate your business concept for eight weeks in Munich, Paris, London and Delft? In the BioEntrepreneur Bootcamp, participants will learn from industry experts at on-site sessions and networking events. They will also meet potential stakeholders and interview experts, opinion leaders and potential customers to accelerate your biomedical business.

Target Group

Teams in the Biotech/Biomedicne (drug development, diagnostics and any business idea related to the biomedical value chain) may apply. The BioEntrepreneur Bootcamp is for teams in the seed or pre-seed phase that have convincing in vitro or in vivo data. They may also be spin-offs from universities, research institutes, hospitals, biotech or pharma.

EU Health Market Access for PartnerS

European Market Access for Partners (eMAPS) will contribute to the adoption and diffusion of innovation into healthcare systems by providing expertise and a clear understanding of how, when and who to engage in the innovation process. The activity will also provide specific knowledge about finance and reimbursement schemes in 14 European countries.

Innovation Fellowships

Course/Programme Description: Innovation Fellowships constitute a training programme based on a well-defined process for needs-driven innovation called BioDesign. This approach involves the education of many students and professionals in needs-driven innovation.

Master Technological Innovation in Health

Master Technological Innovation in Health is designed to promote creativity, innovation and design thinking among students, and to empower them through international and cross-organisational mobility in a rich ecosystem. MTiH, which has an EIT Label-pending, trains a new generation of students in robust entrepreneurship education through an innovative learning-by-doing curriculum. Graduates will have the necessary skills in market approach, problem solving and collaborative work to tackle EIT Health challenges.

Moebio Bootcamp

CRAASH Barcelona

CRAASH Barcelona is a 12-week programme that helps European research teams launch successful device, diagnostic and e/digital health innovations designed to improve health and patient care. Teams move research to market with the mentoring of experts from CIMIT (based in Boston), the most experienced health accelerator in the world.

MedTech Bootcamp

The EIT Health MedTech Bootcamp aims to efficiently equip interdisciplinary teams of young and ambitious engineers and health practitioners with an individually tailored entrepreneurial toolbox, a convincing business plan and a strong network of investors to catapult their promising healthcare transforming ideas from sketch to market.



The aim of the project is to develop a European cluster cooperation in the field of cross-sectoral health-photonics technology. The consortium brings together six clusters from five advanced and fast growing European Union countries representing around 1600 companies and 100 science and research institutions in the fields of medicine, biotechnology and photonics.

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