April 3rd 2012 - Biomarker Workshop

Medicen Paris Region is pleased to invite you to the 2nd Medicen Paris Region Biomarker Workshop, supported by the Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Bioanalysis (ZMDB). This 2nd edition will include plenary sessions on biomarkers and personalized medicine, and four interactive workgroups focusing on cardiovascular diseases, neurology, oncology, and drug safety.
These workgroup sessions will be structured around possible R&D project ideas and/or clinical & industrial challenging issues that will be discussed and brainstormed by French and German SME’s, Industry & Academic representatives.  The main objective of this workshop is to stimulate and support innovation in the field of biomarkers.
The workshop will then be followed by a business partnering event within the framework of plan DEFI Biotech Santé.

To register and/or submit your project idea  or your company profile (places are limited), please choose one option:

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Register for the Plenary session and Cardiovascular Workgroup

Register for the Plenary session and  Neurology Workgroup

Register for the Plenary session and Oncology Workgroup

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8.30 am            Welcome Coffee

9.00 am            BioTop Berlin presentation, Wolfgang Korek, Manager International Relations, BioTOP Berlin Brandenburg & Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Bioanalytics

  • The Berlin-Brandenburg Bioregion
  • BioTOP Berlin-Brandenburg
  • Diagnostics in Berlin-Brandenburg
  • The Center for Molecular Diagnostics and Bioanalytics (ZMDB)


9.30 am           Medicen Paris Region presentation, Dr François Ballet, Deputy Chairman of the R&D Board, Medicen Paris Region

  • Key issues and strengths of the Paris Region in the biomarker domain.
  • Short presentation of some examples of success stories
  • Opportunities for collaboration / partnership


       10.00 am            Companion Diagnostics & Personalized Medicine, business impact on the healthcare sector, Dr Alain Huriez, Chairman and founder, EPEMED, Chief Executive Officer, TcLand Expression SA

10.20 am            Coffee break

10.40 am            How to position new developments in Cardiac Magnetic  Resonance and Cardiac CT versus current biomarkers approaches? Pr Elie Mousseaux, Professor in Radiology and co-director of the cardiovascular  imaging team within INSERM Unit 678

 11.00 am           Presentation of Clinical Needs and Industrial R&D strategy for various topics

  • Cardiovascular diseases Workgroup: Pr Stephane Hatem,professor in medicine, IHU ICAN Institute of Cardiometabolism & Nutrition UMRS-956 (INSERM/UPMC), Medical school of Pitié-Salpétrière and Dr Brian Paul Lockhart,Director of Division Molecular Pharmacology and Pathophysiology, Institut de Recherches Servier.
  • Neurology Workgroup: Pr Bruno Dubois, Professor of Neurology at the University Pierre & Marie Curie, Director of the “Institute for Memory and Alzheimer Disease” and of the Research INSERM Unit on “Cognition, Neuroimaging and Brain Diseases”, ICM and Dr Zeina Antoun, Director, Clinical Research & Academic Alliances, GSK France
  • Oncology Workgroup:Dr Vladimir Lazar, Head of IGR Genomic Research Centre, Head of Integrated Biology Platform, Chief Operating Officer WIN Consortium and Dr Fabien Schmidlin, Director Translational Biology, IPSEN.
  • Safety Workgroup: Pr Marc Pallardy, Professor  in Toxicology, INSERM UMR 996Faculty of Pharmacy University Paris-Sud and Dr Philippe Detilleux, Global Deputy for Preclinical Safety, Disposition, Safety and Animal Research, sanofi R&D

Workgroups objectives and methodology
Dr Alexandre Templier, CEO, Quinten Healthcare and Dr Denis Gossen, Company co-Founder & CSO, Aepodia

12.30 pm           Lunch break

1.30 pm              Invitation to join the different Workgroups : Cardiovascular, Neurology, Oncology, Safety

3.30 pm              Feedback and conclusions

4.00 - 6.00 pm     B2B meetings

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