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Demonstrating Paris Region’s commitment to the future of medicine, the AI Health Challenges will be launched in partnership with the largest research institutes in Europe, providing candidates with their real-world clinical data in significant quantity and quality to build the next generation of precision medicine products.



Gustave Roussy, leading cancer centre in Europe, is looking for the two best organizations to collaborate with its research teams on its two major cancer issues :


Can you predict the response to cancer treatment based on imaging data ?
Led by Pr Nathalie LASSAU
The challenge is to use radiology to strengthen the strategy of precision medicine. Pre-treatment imaging should be used to select the right treatment for each patient.
The objective of this challenge is to develop a prognostic AI model based on Gustave Roussy database containing clinical data, ultrasound imaging and CT scans for 2000 patients.


Can you predict the risk of relapse in patients with breast cancer ?
Led by Pr Jean-Yves SCOAZEC and Pr Fabrice ANDRE

The challenge is to be able to quantify the risk of relapse in patients with localized breast cancer in order to adapt treatments and care.
The objective of this challenge is to develop and validate an algorithm with artificial intelligence, to predict the risk of relapse, based on a Gustave Roussy database containing clinical data, imaging data and digital anatomopathology slides for 2000 patients.

Candidates will have to show the Jury their strategy and their ability to respond to one or both projects. A sample of Gustave Roussy’s databases will be made available to allow teams to demonstrate their performance. Successful candidates will have access to funding to work closely with Gustave Roussy’s teams and access their research data during the 1-2 year project.

Do you qualify for the challenge ?
Startups and SMEs in the European Union already established or having a short-term project of establishing themselves in Paris Region.




 1,500,000 GRANT


(please refer to official rules)

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