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10 highly innovative companies have been selected by the project partners from Canada and Israel to participate in this GO GLOBAL acceleration program funded by EIT HEALTH for 2018.

8 of these companies have chosen Canada as their next international strategic market and 2 will travel to Israel to benefit from this worldwide renown hub of innovation:

  • INVIVOX (Canada): Invivox is a global platform, connecting physicians for on-site, peer-to-peer medical training. Medical experts can easily create and publish training courses on the Invivox platform. Invivox will then promote the courses through digital targeted campaigns.

Invivox will also handle the logistics for a peer-to-peer training for registrants:

– Online Registration & Payment of the training

– Transport to the location of the training and accommodation

– Post-training certificate sent to registrants

– Post-training evaluation form sent to experts.


  • VIRTUALISURG (Canada): VirtualiSurg works with well-known surgeons and develops training support tools aimed at all surgical block staff. The method is to integrate the knowledge, the know-how and the behaviour of expert surgeons, who have many years of professional practice. Our modules foster the mastery of an operative technique and medical devices. As such, VirtualiSurg contributes to strengthen the safety of the surgical practice.
  • DATAFORLIFE (Canada): Data For Life is a plug & play medical monitoring solution through a biometric shirt. Our textile seamlessly embeds 17 medical grade sensors that allow physicians to monitor every level of their patients’ physiology remotely and over long periods of time. Powerful machine-learning algorithms based on our data sets enable the detection of early physiological patterns of cardiac insufficiency and respiratory distresses.


  • ORMOSYS (Canada): Ormosys is a holistic dynamic body analysis system. The results are usable for doctors, podiatrist and chiropractors for diagnostic, therapy – treatment plan and for prescription. the report is also usable for manufacturing holistic – dynamic customized orthotics and sandals. Intelligence derived from combining human gait analysis and other holistic and dynamic measurements transform ordinary people into extraordinary performers.


  • ADSCIENTIAM (Canada): Ad Scientiam is a French startup specialized in mHealth and incubated in one of the leading research hospitals in Europe (Pitie-Salpetriere, Paris). ADS is distributing MSCopilot, a mobile medical application on Multiple Sclerosis, where patients assess themselves the evolution of their disease, through regular tests on their smartphone (cognitive, dexterity, ambulation, vision) and in their home environment.

MSCopilot is a Class 1, CE-marked, software medical device, distributed since November 2017 to French patients from iOS and Android platforms. It was developed with the support of a Scientific Committee of 11 MS experts, numerous MS patient advocacy groups, and in partnership with Roche.

In parallel, ADS has a strong R&D pipeline (resistant depression, Parkinson’s, rheumatoid arthritis…).

Its priority is now to expand in Europe and in the US, through research and distribution projects with corporate and academic partners


  • CARDILINK (Israel): CardiLink enables remote monitoring and location tracking of medical devices in full compliance with the Medical Device Regulations and European General Data Protection Regulation. The CardiLink solution enables manufacturers to perform active postmarket surveillance and therefore to pro-actively gather life time data about their devices in the field. The customers of the medical devices greatly benefit by reduced down-times, better and faster support and increased efficiency which enables cost reduction


  • WELLOART DYNASTY (Israel):ai is an Artificial Intelligence platform in nutrition for overweight kids, that can change the way families understand and relate to their health. A better, happier and longer life for the entire family. The Wello platform aims to be the digital engine and source of validated information in nutrition & healthy lifestyle. While providing credible source of information regarding nutrition and sources of fresh and healthy food, Wello is helping parents create healthy meal plans for their children. The platform also motivates and evaluates health progress in every family, using AI and advices from professional nutritionists alongside location-based recommendations for healthy food. Wello platform is developed by Art Dynasty, a mobile app development.


  • DYNSEO (Canada): DYNSEO develops a tablet-based app to stimulate seniors, prevent cognitive impairments and dementia such as Alzheimer’s and maintain a social link. Through our Worldwide nursing homes competition, DYNSEO has started collaborated with senior facilities in Canada.
  • LIBHEROS (Canada): libheros, founded by a former nurse, is the leading online booking platform for medical homecares through our following dedicated solution :
  • https://libheros.fr for patients and/or family caregivers to easily book online medical homecares
  • libheros PRO for medical homecares professionals (e.g. nurses, physiotherapist, …), that includes an online booking system and facilitate their day-to-day work
  • libheros COORDINATION for doctors, hospitals and other actors from the healthcare ecosystem, such as e.g. home healthcare program providers, to facilitate the organization and coordination of patients’ medical homecares

Based on identified needs from healthcare professionals, libheros recently launched a brand new product : libheros NETWORK – the first digital networking solution and chat system dedicated to healthcare professionals


  • METACOACHING (Canada): Meta-Coaching has developed a unique digital coaching to address major chronic conditions like insomnia, stress and anxiety, eating behaviour and weight loss. Our programs are based on robust scientific methods (Cognitive Behavioral Therapies) and Use of AI to provide highly personalized interactions. Co-construction with renowned medical experts and hospitals provides unique excellence.

Therasomnia.com, our CBT Program for primary insomnia proved 83% success during clinical trials at CHRU de Montpellier. This program is today recommended by several Sleep Clinics in France.

Our programs are today available through more than 30 health insurance companies, among them Matmut, Axa, Maaf, MGC, GMF.


The GO GLOBAL program will offer to the companies a comprehensive pathway:

Preparatory workshops for Canada and Israel during the European medtech event MEDFIT taking place end of June in Strasbourg, France (26th – 27th).  It will be the opportunity for companies to meet the local partners and have a first level understanding of the local market opportunities

One week immersion program to the targeted market to access  & meet qualified stakeholders and understand market access opportunities

Final event will take place during the MEDICA Fair in Dusseldorf on Nov 14th – 17th to share experience and benefit from an international visibility

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